If you are here, then you are probably well aware of the benefits of this incredible FOUR MINUTE WORKOUT:


TABATA INTERVALS send your Metabolic Rate through the roof, Giving your body no choice but to SCORCH FAT.


Most weight-loss programs cause a loss of muscle tissue. TABATA Training calls for
QUICK MUSCLE RECOVERY, which orders toned muscle fibers from the body, rather than burning muscle as energy.


By increasing the amount of oxygen the body can consume during strenuous exercise,
You increase your aerobic capability. The MORE OXYGEN the BETTER.


By increasing the amount of energy the body can produce w/out oxygen (when out of breath),
High Intensity Performance in Enhanced… Go FASTER for LONGER.

The TABATA Interval

20 seconds of max intensity

followed by

10 seconds rest

repeated for FOUR minutes

In 1996, Japanese fitness researcher Dr. Izumi Tabata set up an
experiment to compare the effectiveness of:

Short high-intensity anaerobic workouts
Long steady-state aerobic workouts

Studying two groups of professional speed skaters for 6 weeks, Tabata assigned one group to
a workout consisting of 20 second bursts of maximum intensity exercise (w/10 seconds of recovery time),
and another group to a standard 60 minute steady state aerobic workout.
Tabata measured each athlete’s VO2Max (the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize)

THE RESULTS- ASTONISHING!  The Interval Training group saw a

28% increase in VO2max, while the steady state group saw no increase.

This rate of increase in V02max is one of the highest ever reported, stated Dr. Tabata following the experiment.

Prior to Dr. Tabata’s Study, it was common practice to believe that fat loss was only achieved through low intensity 45-90 minute (aerobic) workouts, while short burst of high intensity (anaerobic) workouts were only useful for those looking to build speed…      WRONG.

“In general there were two types of exercises, low-intensity exercises for longer periods of time that improved endurance,
and exercises such as sprints that improve your ability to sprint, but have no effect on aerobics or endurance.
In contrast, the Tabata Protocol draws on the advantages of each”

-Dr Izumi Tabata

Though Tabata’s experiment was not focused on fat-loss, the evidence
that a workout could draw form both the aerobic and anaerobic systems sparked a whole new question:

If I can get better results in a shorter time,

why the hell am I spending hours on the treadmill?

How can a FOUR minute workout actually burn fat?

Unlike the classic 45-90 minute slow-paced aerobic jog or bike, which boosts your metabolic rate for, well, 45-90 minutes

…The intensity and multi-recovery tactics of the Tabata Interval, raise your metabolic rate for hours
on end following the workout session, giving your body no choice but to churn any fat cells available.

Far and Slow vs. Short and Fast 

Which body type would you prefer?

The Marathoner Body (left) or  The Sprinter Body (right)?

Rather than focusing on  long easy  steady-state workouts of low-medium intensity which tends to give the “marathon look”…

Tabata Intervals focus on short bursts of high intensity, burning fat while retaining and toning muscles.  

Compare the body of world-classmarathoner to world-class sprinter. The evidence is simple:

Run Slow and Far   –   burn fat and muscle
Run Short and Fast   –  burn fat while toning muscles

Tabata Intervals create the toned athletic look.

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?           

The Problem with TABATA:

It can be extremely difficult to keep track of Tabata Time

Hello, My name is Jay Driscoll. I am a musician from Massachusetts. As a full-time touring musician with my band, Barefoot Truth, finding time (nevermind a place!) to workout each day has always been a struggle.

My day in a nutshell… Wake up in a hotel room around 9 am. Find somewhere to eat. Drive 6 hours to the next concert venue. Load in gear. Sound check. Eat a late lunch/early dinner around 6 pm. Play the show around 9pm. Pack up gear/load out. Get a late night head start on the next day’s drive. Maybe grab a snack. Check-in to a hotel around 2 am. Hopefully fall asleep before 3! Do it again the next day.
One of the biggest challenges for me has always been finding time to get in a good workout while on the road. I would find myself skipping workouts on days that I couldn’t spare an extra hour to go running or use the hotel gym, if there was one.
When I first found out about the Tabata Protocol I felt like I had stumbled across a miracle drug! Rather than feeling like I had to devote an hour of my day to get a good workout, I could get an exhausting workout in a matter of minutes. I started mixing and matching different exercises: push ups, body squats, sprints, burpies, etc.
The problem I kept on facing was keeping track of my interval time. Unless there was a clock right in front of me, I found myself getting frustrated. Depending on the exercise, continually breaking form to look at your watch can really throw you out of the zone… and obviously sacrifices good form. 
I had looked into tabata timers and things like that, but hated the idea of having to turn off my music so that I could hear a buzzer! I wondered if there was music out there that went along to the 20/10 intervals. After a long Google search, all I could find was an illegal download of a DMX remix!
I went to my friend and band mate, Wayno, and I asked him what he thought about the idea of creating ‘Tabata Songs’… songs that go right along with the Tabata Interval. He said Hell Yeah! Let’s do it!

And so it began. We spent some time in the studio together creating our Tabata Songs. We made an album and name it… well… Tabata Songs! 
The album, Tabata Songs Volume:1, consists of 13 tracks. We recorded 6 different genres: Hip-Hop, House, Orchestral, Country Rock, Heavy Metal, and Tribal. Each genre has two versions… one with a voice counting IN and OUT the intervals, and one that is simply instrumental. We also included a simple ‘whistle’ track, which just has a whistle blow at every interval.
It has been just over a year since we released Volume 1, and we have had an incredible response. We have heard from personal trainers, CrossFit gym owners, gym teachers, and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world telling us how much they enjoy working out to our music. Many group instructors have been using our instrumental versions in their classes, counting in and out of the intervals themselves.
We hope you enjoy working out to Tabata Songs! Keep an eye out… Volume: 2 is on its way soon!    
-Jay Driscoll


Music created specifically for the Tabata Interval.

Just press play, and let the music be your coach…

Instantly Download Your Copy Now!

“It’s like having a personal trainer in my iPod! It really keeps me on track. And the music makes me want to dance!”
Jenn Randall, CA

13 tracks, 6 genres of music

  • Each track begins with 10 seconds of prep time, so you have enough time to get in position.
  • At the 10 Second mark, your 1st 20 second intense interval begins.
  • Notice the intensity of the music change between the INTERVAL and the REST sections.
  • If you are using the ‘w/Coach’ tracks: Each 20 second interval is cued by
                                                                 ‘3 – 2 – 1 – GO!’ and ends with ‘3 – 2 – 1 – BREAK!’ 
  • Choose tracks ‘w/Coach‘ for coach’s voice to count In & OUT. Or choose Instrumental to just follow the music.

You may choose to do consecutive Tabata Intervals (a FOUR MINUTE Tabata immediately following another). Just set up your playlist to play consecutive Tabata Songs, or set your favorite song to repeat. When doing this, the first ten seconds of your second song is your REST period from the last INTERVAL of your previous song.

Sample Tabata Songs Workout

Hip-Hop Tabata
House Tabata
Country-Rock Tabata
Tribal Tabata

Jumping Jacks (warmup)
Push Ups
Jump Squats

“By far the best Tabata music out there! There are a lot of horrible attempts floating around the internet. Thanks for this!”
-Dean Glenn, NH

“Though I have been running (slow)marathons for 15 years, I have always had an extra layer on the belly. I started doing tabatas two months ago. My stomach is flatter, my legs are stronger, and my time is faster than it was 15 years ago!  ”
Rob Bailey, TX

“Love it! I am a k-12 gym teacher. I finish every single class with a Tabata. The students respond so much better to the music than to just my voice counting down. ”
-Haley Browning, NC

Instantly Download Your Copy Now!

Note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download. Sharing of copyrighted music is considered piracy and is illegal. It is unlawful to share or post music files for others to download. Please support musicians!