Tabata Songs Affiliate Program

Promote Tabata Songs and Make $$

Sell Tabata Songs- Interval Workout Music on your site and make $$ by becoming a Tabata Songs Affiliate

Do you have a fitness related website of your own?

Are you interested in turning your web traffic into income?

Do friends look to you for fitness advice?

What is an affiliate?

In a nutshell, a Tabata Songs affiliate is a person who advertises Tabata Songs on the internet and earns 50% of any purchase that takes place by way of web-traffic referral.

Whether you are a personal fitness trainer, gym owner, fitness blogger, or have some sort of online presence in the online fitness community, as simple as a Facebook page… you can turn your traffic into income by being a Tabata Songs Affiliate.

How It Works:

  1. You place an assigned affiliate link (in the form of a banner/advertisement, or as a text link) to  your site, blog post, FACEBOOK, or email to others.
  2. A viewer (Let’s call him Johnny) sees the add/link, and clicks on it.
  3. Johnny is directed to Tabata Songs via your personally assigned affiliate link.
  4. Johnny takes a look at Tabata Songs and listens through the tracks.
  5. Johnny decides to purchase Tabata Songs (anytime within 60 days of clicking the link on your site!)
  6. You earn 50% commission on Johnny’s $7.99 purchase!
  7. That’s almost $4 per Johnny!

60 Day Window

How does this work? 

As mentioned above, if Johnny purchases Tabata Songs within 60 Days of the last time he clicked your Tabata Songs Affiliate Link, you earn a 50% commission.

Our affiliate program is run through a highly trusted company called Clickbank. The moment Johnny clicks on your Affiliate Link and is redirected to the Tabata Songs Sales page (, Clickbank recognizes that YOU are the reason he found Tabata Songs. Clickbank will remember Johnny’s computer for the next 60 days. If Johnny decides to go back to at any point within that 60 Day window, and purchase the music, YOU EARN 50% OF THE SALE!

Interested? Check out the FAQ section, and then get started with our step-by-step guide in the Account Setup and Affiliate Tools Sections.