Tabata Songs Affiliate Program

Promote Tabata Songs and Make $$

Here we provide you with all the tools you will need to get started!

  • Text Link. Use in Facebook posts, emails, blogs, etc.
  • Playlist. So people have the chance to hear the music on your page.
  • Video, so people can see what this is all about.
  • Banners, Banners, Banners!

General Tabata Songs Affiliate Tips:

  • BANNERS-  Use the banners (shown below) on your site to immediately start earning passive income from your site’s viewers. Place the banners in highly visible locations on your site, such as the top of the sidebar on your homepage. The more visible it is, the more clicks it will receive.
  • EDUCATE-  Really educate your readers about Tabata. Don’t just assume they already know what it is. Explain Tabata your own words. Use video demonstrations of your own if you have the capability, or incorporate our Tabata Songs Video.  (Note: if you are creating your own video, affiliates have our permission to include Tabata Songs’ music in the video).
  • SEO RESEARCH- Do your SEO (search engine optimization) research. Stay up to date on the newest ways to get traffic to your site. Not familiar with SEO?… Just Google it :)
  • BE PATIENT- As always, with affiliate marketing… patience is the key! Don’t expect to get rich overnight. Take your time, be creative, earn your audience’s trust with quality content, and you will build a steady income.

Use YOUR Link

Once you have created your own Clickbank Account, use the following link, replacing the ‘XXXXXXX’ with your Clickbank Nickname:

  • Post to Facebook (Your Wall or Friends’ Walls)
  • Link from your blog, facebook, twitter posts
  • Link from Email
  • Post to your Youtube Videos!

***Tip. When pasting into Facebook, be sure to replace the ‘XXXXXXX’ with your nickname BEFORE pasting to Facebook. If you paste to Facebook with the ‘XXXXXXX’, Facebook will not recognize your personal hop link, and you will not earn commission. Follow these steps

  1. Copy:
  2. Paste into a word doc, note pad, or even an email composition.
  3. Change the ‘XXXXXXX’ to your Clickbank Nickname
  4. Copy the new code with your Nickname in it.
  5. Past into a Facebook Post, along with any words that might get your friends/readers to click.


Embed the Playlist


Use Video

CLICK for html Embed Code (to embed directly into a site).

Share Link:


Use Banners

Simply click on the banner(s) that you would like to include on your page. An .rtf (rich text) file will immediately download to your computer with each banner’s html coding. Simply replace the’XXXXXXX’ in the code with your Clickbank nickname, and you are good to go!

Be sure to TEST YOUR CLICKBANK HOPLINK, to be sure that you are earning commissions for each sale you generate. CLICK HERE to find out how to test your hoplink.


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